Cool-It-Caddy Is More Than Cool!

Cool-It Caddy™ is one of those “why didn’t I think of this?” products.  Fortunately for all of us, Deb Vinci had her “aha” moment while playing golf one hot summer day in Arizona.  Tired of having her expensive cosmetics melt in our 100+ degree temperatures, Deb created a compact  and stylish, insulated bag to carry heat-sensitive items in warm weather.  Cool-It Caddy™ is lightweight and fits easily into any golf bag, backpack or purse.  The bag features uniquely designed insulation layers and a chemical coolant that keeps your items cool for hours.  Its compact size is an easy fit in any golf bag or back pack and just the right fit to store cosmetics, health care items or protein bars.  While Deb had golfers in mind when she designed Cool-It Caddy and we think it’s a great golf gadget, this product works perfect for any outdoor enthusiast.

To learn more visit  www.cool-itcaddy.com

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