Sure PURE Grips

For the PURE love of the game

Just as the team at the Arizona Golf Authority has a passion for golf, so do the founders of PURE Grips. They were always trying to improve their own games and it is what brought them together as a group. They had an idea to give golfers an edge by designing a new kind of grip.

Designed to Give You an Edge

The differentiating factor in the PURE Grips product is an injection mold process to ensure their grips provide exceptional durability and a better feel. The grips are made with concentric grip walls of consistent thickness and no seams. Perfectly round, PURE Grips offer +/- 1 gram tolerances and a range of feels designed to meet the needs and preferences of all golfers, from beginners to pros. This advanced technology makes PURE Grips exceedingly well balanced to give every golfer that extra edge.

“Golf is all about feel, so if it’s feeling good in your hand, it’s only going to help your golf shot.”

-PGA Tour Player Matt Jones

Durability Guaranteed

The proprietary 100% rubber formula makes PURE Grips exceedingly durable in all weather conditions. Even the most avid golfers will have trouble wearing out our grips. In fact, all PURE Grips are guaranteed to remain tacky and supple and perform in all conditions for up to twelve months. If you manage to wear one out before then, the PURE Grips team will happily give you a replacement for free.

A New Way to Install Grips

In our opinion, this is the coolest part of the PURE Grips product – the installation. We had the opportunity to visit their Tempe manufacturing facility and see firsthand whether their “easy to install” claims were accurate. PURE Grips has five styles from which to choose and to make the choice easier, they installed one of each on five different clubs. After picking the option that felt the best, it wasn’t 20 minutes before all 14 clubs were done. After 2 more minutes of tweaking the grip position, we were ready to head to the first tee. No mess, no fuss.

PURE Grips Tapeless Golf Grip Installation Process
How can they make it so easy? The installation of PURE Grips requires no adhesive tapes or solvents. Using the PURE Grips proprietary quick-connecting tools, the simple power of air pressure installs the grips as securely as any adhesive tape. Once installed on a steel or graphite shaft, the grip provides optimal stability while the elasticity of the rubber combines with friction to create “rubber memory,” ensuring the grip will not loosen or slip.

PURE Grips Making Their Mark

The PURE Grips team debuted their new line at the 2010 PGA Show in Orlando, and was quickly recognized for their innovation, being named one of the best new products at the show. Since that time, they have been the star of demo days across the country.

Professional players are taking notice as well. PGA TOUR player Matt Jones uses their product and had this to say, “PURE Grips gave me a better feeling when hitting a golf shot. It felt a little softer and my hand molded to the grip better. Golf is all about feel, so if it’s feeling good in your hand, it’s only going to help your golf shot. I definitely think this product will give me an edge over the competition.”

PURE Passion

Wes Brasher (CEO), Mike Smith (National Sales Manager) and the entire PURE Grips teams are passionate about golf and now golf grips. “We know smart change can make a big difference in the quality and consistency of our shots,” said Brasher. “A better grip is one of those smart changes. We’re glad to be able to help our fellow golfers hit more of the pure shots we all love.”

We love that.

For more information about PURE Grips or to purchase your own set, visit www.puregrips.com

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