Steaks, Chops, Ribs & Baseballs

It might seem an odd combination, but not for Don & Charlie’s, an iconic Scottsdale restaurant and one of our favorite hangs. Don Carson is a Chicago boy, so he is no stranger to good food. After moving to Scottsdale, he opened Don & Charlie’s in 1981 with the mission to open a restaurant that provided a great atmosphere, with great food and great hospitality. Mission accomplished!

Located just east of Scottsdale Road on Camelback, Don & Charlie’s is as much a restaurant as it is a sports museum. According to Don, it began in 1982. Randy Hundley did the first fantasy camp. Don & Charlie’s had opened, but the walls were still kind of bare. So Don commissioned an artist to draw a caricature head shot of the 1969 Cubs team, which many members of the team have signed.

What started as an idea to fill a bare wall has turned into a world-class collection of jerseys, photos, caricatures, autographs and more. “For many years the Golf pro’s in the Valley put on a golf outing called “The Santa Claus Classic” and I played in it,” said Carson. “The best gifts in the world were given and everyone got something special. They called my name and I went up to the podium and they gave me a driver. I thanked them and sat down. The driver was right handed and I am left handed. I said nothing but the next year they called my name and game me a left handed driver and a golf bag. The bag is from the 1995 Phoenix Open and is signed by every player.”

Don encourages all sports fans to take their time and check out the collection, which is a fun thing to do as you await your table. But when the call comes, bring your appetite as you’ll be in for a real treat.

You’ll have a difficult choice when it comes to your meal. Don & Charlie’s offers a liver pate which we’d classify as “do die for.” There’s an incredible selection of salads that are made even tastier with the creamy garlic dressing. When it comes to entrees, Don & Charlie’s is famous for their ribs, but we speak from experience when we say the steaks and chops are water-watering delights. The creamy coleslaw side is also a must. We’ve never had enough room for dessert, but the menu has some tasty options.

We happen to prefer the bar area for dinner, it’s comfy, casual and features the latest sports coverage amid the memorabilia. The main dining area has tables of all sizes so there is no problem accommodating parties of many sizes. Plus, the restaurant also has a private dining area that works well for larger groups or private parties.

Great atmosphere. Great food. Great hospitality. Don’s done it exactly has he planned which is why the Arizona Golf Authority calls it a favorite local hang.

Don & Charlie’s is open Tuesday – Saturday from 5-9:30pm and Sunday from 5-9pm. As you can imagine, the restaurant is a favorite so reservations are recommended. Call 480.990.0900 or make them online by clicking on this button below.

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