Veteran Golf Journalist Bill Huffman Becomes The Voice Of The Arizona Golf Authority

Scottsdale, AZ – Award-winning Arizona golf journalist Bill Huffman, along with partners Linda Dillenbeck and Allan Landolt, have launched the Arizona Golf Authority website, the first professional and independent resource of comprehensive information about Arizona golf.

The Arizona Golf Authority was borne from the desire to have a reliable source for current golf news, which disappeared when the State’s major newspapers opted to eliminate their golf writers. “I know the world is moving to digital, but I’m still an avid print reader,” said partner Linda Dillenbeck. “I was so disappointed with local coverage in the newspapers and told Bill so one night at dinner. We talked about how to feature his knowledge, insights and coverage of the Arizona golf scene for his large local audience and package it for out-of-state golfers to make planning their trips here easier. That’s how the Arizona Golf Authority was created and I’m really excited about the plans we have to promote our great golf destination locally and nationally.”

Bill Huffman, whose career has included covering local, national and international golf for more than 30 years, will bring his own brand of wit and wisdom to the Arizona Golf Authority site. Huff Daddy’s first task is to provide insight about what to expect at each of the over 350 golf courses in Arizona. It’s a pretty big task, so veteran Arizona golf writer John Davis will be a major contributor to the task. In addition to their course insights, Huffman and Davis will provide updates of breaking news, profiles of key players in the industry, full-length course reviews and inside information about what’s really going on in Arizona Golf.

The Arizona Golf Authority website is focused on providing service-oriented information. The site will feature information about all the elements for a great golf experience, including recommendations for golf friendly hotels, upcoming tournament listings and local spots to hang for fabulous food and drink. The team has also partnered with individual cities to provide easy “one click” access to information about other things to do while in Arizona. Plus, it will provide a user-friendly “Ask Us” button to help golfers make the right choices for upcoming trips.

“Our State has the most incredible offering of accessible, high-quality golf courses in the country and it’s very confusing for someone not familiar with our State to know where to play and stay,” commented partner Landolt. “I get calls all the time asking me to connect the dots for courses to play and places to stay, so the opportunity to work with Bill and Linda to publish a service-oriented website providing insider-information about every aspect of Arizona golf was very appealing to me.”

“It’s no secret that consumers are moving to the digital world for information,” said Huffman. “The advantage of the digital model is that we can keep our nationwide community of avid golfers ‘in the know’ about Arizona golf news as it happens. To produce a compelling design package for the site, the AZGA team turned to Lucky Dog Creative’s Tom Howard to create the logo, which has received rave reviews. Communication Links, a Scottsdale-based golf marketing company, was tapped to develop the site to provide the ultimate user experience.

Companies involved in the Arizona golf industry as well as charitable organizations are invited to submit news, updates and tournament schedules, which will be posted free of charge on the site. Information should be submitted to allan@azgolfauthority.com.

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