“Hogan” Chooses SunRidge Canyon Golf Club

Hogan's Clubhouse Perch at SunRidge Canyon

The excellent adventure of playing SunRidge Canyon’s spectacular golf course just got better. A native Red-Tailed Hawk, called Hogan by SunRidge staff, has taken up winter residence at the Club. “Perched atop the Clubhouse roof, Hogan keeps an eye on our daily activities around the Club” reports Derek Crawford, Director of Operations for SunRidge.

Hogan’s choice of residence for the season is no surprise to those familiar with the course. SunRidge is located in the visually stunning canyons of Fountain Hills and showcases the rugged natural terrain and mountain vistas in that locale. The Keith Foster layout is true to his minimalist-design tradition as it gently leads you down into the natural canyons on the front-9, and brings you back up and out on the back; the final four holes are the finest finishing stretch in town.

Hogan at SunRidge Canyon

Hogan’s adoption of SunRidge may make sense on another level as well. You see, in several Native American communities the Red-Tailed Hawk represents the role of Guardian of Mother Earth, and its red-colored tail embodies the familiar elements of Power and Energy of Vision.

Don and Cindy Misheff purchased SunRidge Canyon Golf Club in December 2010, and Don later shared “Cindy and I visualized this for many years during our visits to Fountain Hills”, referring to their long-term commitment to preserve and refine the golf experience at SunRidge Canyon. They immediately chose the veteran operations team of General Manager, Jeff Lessig, Crawford, Superintendent Ron Ruppert and F&B Manager, Brian Gilmore to lead SunRidge into the future.

Perhaps Hogan’s presence confirms the clarity of Mr. and Mrs. Misheff’s vision, and is a simple reminder of what an excellent adventure playing SunRidge Canyon always is – a stunning natural setting, excellent golf course, impeccable service and a day of great fun.

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