It’s About Time! OB Sports Leads the Way With EXPRESS LANE Tee Times

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Scottsdale AZ – We’ve all heard one of the main reasons people aren’t playing golf is because it takes too long. If you are an avid player, chances are you’ve experienced slow play. You know, the group that takes 10 minutes to look for a lost ball, the player who takes 5 practice swings before each shot or the chap that checks out his putt from every angle on the course before hitting it 3 feet short.

It’s all a part of that “good walk spoiled”.

Cheer up, avid players, because we’re happy to report the experts at OB Sports have come to the rescue and now guarantees rounds of golf in under 4-hours at several of their OB Sports-managed golf courses.

Express Lane Tee Times, introduced at Angel Park in Las Vegas last February, has been expanded to include the Sedona Golf Resort and Eagle Mountain Golf Club in Arizona.

The Express Lane Tee Times program guarantees your round will be completed in less than 4 hours, 3:45 to be exact.

“We began the program as a way to speed up pace of play and to differentiate Angel Park from other courses in Las Vegas,” said Kris Strauss, OB Sports VP of Marketing. “We weren’t sure how it would be received, but found out quickly there are a lot of players who want to get out for an early morning tee time and be home in time to take their kids to soccer or baseball.”

As part of the Express Lane Tee Time plan, the first tee times of the day are reserved specifically for players who agree to play in their round in 3:45. When a player calls to reserve one of those tee times, they are told they must agree to play in the allotted time. When they arrive at the golf course, each player must sign an agreement committing to the pace of play. If a group falls behind, they are warned to speed up play. If that doesn’t happen, they are moved up a hole or to the back of the Express Lane Tee Times, allowing those on-pace to play through and complete their rounds on time.

“I think the key to the success of the program is that we communicate it loud and often,” stated Strauss. “We tell then when tee times are booked, we remind them in the Pro shop, have them sign the agreement and remind them again on the first tee. So no one can be surprised if our course marshal tells them to pick up the pace.”

Sedona Golf Resort announced this week they will dedicate the first six tee times each day to the Express Lane program. Eagle Mountain Golf Club in Fountain Hills has also converted the first four tee times on the weekend to Express Lane Tee Time. Plans call for additional courses to add the program to their tee sheets in coming months. As they do, we’ll let you know.

So, if you are a fan of the concept of a quick round, you how have two courses in Arizona to will cater to your needs. We applaud OB Sports for this innovative idea and thank them for implementing Express Lane Tee Times in Arizona.

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