Polo Golf Launches Mobile Access Campaign in Golf World Magazine

From the Arizona Golf Authority AZGA Golf News Desk

Polo Golf Mobile Device Campaign in Golf World

Polo Golf announced the debut of their Golf World magazine mobile access campaign today. The Polo Golf ads in Golf World allow readers to scan the QR code, or enter the vanity url: m.ralphlauren.com/golf on their smart phone browser, to access player videos created by Polo Golf’s Tour Player Staff.

Jonathan Byrd, 3-time PGA Tour winner, is currently featured and his 3 videos offer detailed instruction covering proper driver, iron and bunker play mechanics.

The Arizona Golf Authority AZGA staff’s favorite tip is in the driver video.

Jonathan describes, and we paraphrase here, how he’s focused on swinging the head of the driver as fast as he can, which he notes is different than swinging his hands as fast, or turning his body as fast, as he can.

Give that some thought; we’ve got a 460cc head on the end of a 45″ long stick that we want to reliably propel at 90-plus mph through space.

Adding some of the naturally occurring centrifugal force to that recipe sounds promising.

Avid golf fans can also join the Polo Golf Email Updates group and be the first to receive information and additional access to Ralph Lauren events. Check it out.

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