PURE Grips Now Available in Your Choice of Color

From the Arizona Golf Authority AZGA Golf News Desk

Tempe, AZ – PURE Grips, the innovative team who brought pure rubber grips and tapeless installation to the party is now doing their best to brighten up the golf course with their new line of color grips.

Made from the same proprietary rubber as the black models, every color grip from PURE provides the identical combination of tackiness, durability, weather performance and feel, they simply are brighter and more colorful.

“We all have our own preferences and individual tastes,” commented PURE Grips CEO Wes Brasher. “We’re just giving customers the choice to pick the color they prefer, rather than forcing them to go with basic black.”

The new color line of grips use the same tapeless installation process so changing them out is a snap. It takes about 1/4th the time, won’t slip or turn once in place and means you can take your new bright, colorful clubs straight to the first tee.

The AZGA reviewed this process earlier in the year, so if you want to know more about the process and watch their video, click here.

For more information about the color line of PURE Grips, visit their website at: www.puregrips.com

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