Raven Golf Club – Phoenix Home to New Instruction Partnership

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PHOENIX, Arizona – Two of the most innovative brands in golf instruction, Jeff Ritter Golf and Martin Chuck’s Tour Striker Golf Academies (JRG/TSGA) have announced the launch of a new instruction program set to open this fall at The Raven Golf Club – Phoenix.

One of Golf Digest’s Best Young Teachers in America, Ritter’s presence reaches all corners of the globe. Ritter’s creative approach to the game has appeared across print, television and radio, including frequent content showcased with Golf Digest magazine.

Martin Chuck is the inventor of Tour Striker Training Products, the highly successful series of golf learning aids endorsed by CBS Commentator Gary McCord. As success of the Tour Striker brand grew, Chuck launched the Tour Striker Academies, which now operate programs throughout the country.

Along with the progressive vision of The Raven Golf Club Management Team, OB Sports, long-time friends Ritter and Chuck saw the opportunity to create a program unrivaled in innovation and productivity to meet the needs of all players regardless of skill level or age group. “I had worked for years on my own building a successful coaching brand,” said Ritter. “But what I missed most was the creative process associated with collaborating with others. The opportunity to work with someone as talented as Martin to build this new program is something that I’m extremely excited about.”

Proponents of a holistic approach to learning, JRG/TSGA “Integrated Coaching” programs will offer cutting edge modalities designed to unlock a player’s true potential while providing fun and creative solutions for enhanced physical, emotional and nutritional performance.

Designed to give golfers the tools and support to achieve any goal, JRG/TSGA programs include: Private Lessons, Group Clinics, Corporate Events, Comprehensive Schools, Advanced Fitting Resources, Junior Golf Development and more.

For more information on JRG/TSGA programs visit www.ravenphx.com/instruction.

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