PING Sponsors “Bubba and Friends Drive to a Million”

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PING G-20 Driver

PHOENIX, Arizona – PING is an incredible Arizona-based golf company which built its reputation by producing innovative, quality golf equipment. What is often overlooked in all the publicity is their generous commitment to charitable causes.

Ping’s latest fund raising partnership is with Bubba Watson and his “Bubba & Friends Drive to a Million” effort to raise $1 million for charities this PGA Tour season.

“Bubba came to us with the idea for his charitable drive last year,” said PING Director of Communications Pete Samuels, “and we knew it was a natural fit.”

Right around the same time, knowing Bubba’s love of all things pink, PING had been working on a new driver in a hotter, deeper shade of his favorite color. This new driver became the basis for how PING could support Bubba’s effort.

In addition to a $10,000 upfront contribution, PING is supporting “Bubba & Friends Drive to a Million” by donating $300 for the first 300 drives Bubba launches over 300 yards in 2012. PING’s fundraising event is called, “Bubba Long in Pink. Driven by PING.” All funds raised will go to Phoenix-area charities, chosen by PING with Bubba’s support.

So far, Bubba and his pink driver have had incredible results. With his trusty all-pink PING® G20™ driver, Bubba Watson is #1 on the PGA Tour in average driving distance at 315.5 yards.

“On the season, nearly 62% of Watson’s drives have traveled 300-plus yards, the highest percentage on the PGA Tour,” said Samuels. “We’re estimating he will reach number 300 for 2012 as early as mid-May.”

Arizona Golf Courses List - Bubba & Friends Drive to a Million - Arizona Golf Authority

Bubba Watson and PING CEO John Solheim

The really cool thing about this effort is that Bubba didn’t go the traditional route of forming a charitable foundation because he didn’t want administrative costs to consume any money collected. Instead, if you make a donation to your local American Society or sponsor someone during a charity walk, he wants you to go to his Facebook page and post the info.

He’s set up a tracker on www.bubbawatsongolf.com to record the total donations. Our unofficial estimate of Ping’s contribution totals well over $52,000 through the WGC Cadillac event at Doral.

“I couldn’t do it on my own,” Watson said. “I don’t have $1 million to give away. It’s my friends and sponsors, we’re all trying to team up and raise $1 million — and for a guy from Bagdad, Fla., named Bubba that’s a pretty big accomplishment. Even if we raise a half million this year, it’s still half a million.”

Whether it turns out to be a half-million, a full-million or maybe more, we tip our golf hats to a laid-back, long-hitting lad from Florida, and a state-of-the-art company that always does things right. Ping founder Karsten Solheim always said the game should be enjoyable; watching the “Bubba Long in Pink. Driven by PING” tally rise will certainly be great fun.

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