GolfLogix and Golf Digest Debut Golf Digest Live

Golf Digest and GolfLogix have teamed together to create Golf Digest Live – a combination of precise GolfLogix GPS distance and club-tracking technology paired with renowned content from Golf Digest that provides tips, articles, videos and the first-ever personalized magazine.

GolfLogix and Golf Digest LiveAvailable exclusively through the GolfLogix app, Golf Digest Live ($19.99 annually with a free 30-day trial) uses data from the software to determine a player’s statistics, strengths and weaknesses. Algorithms then generate multiple post-round recaps, including a detailed scorecard, analytics and a customized MY GOLF DIGEST magazine.

Tailored to that day’s on-course performance, MY GOLF DIGEST delivers a detailed statistical breakdown of the round, suggested drills and award-winning articles from Golf Digest’s stable of elite instructors and Tour Playing Editors.

“Golf Digest Live is the new frontier for helping people learn to play better golf,” said Golf Digest Chairman and Editorial Director, Jerry Tarde. “We’ve digitized the best of Golf Digest content, so for the first time readers will create their own magazine, filled with personalized tips and drills. It’s no longer just Golf Digest, it’s MY Golf Digest. This is the first magazine curated by editors that’s based on what readers individually need to know.”

Some Golf Digest content is accessible while you play – like rules videos, golf jokes and tips on common shots – but the bulk of the benefits are delivered on the practice range or at home, where golfers can relive their rounds, better understand their faults and take lessons to improve their scoring.

Easily downloaded from www.GolfLogix.com or App Stores such as iTunes, the GolfLogix app is compatible with more than 60 smartphone models. In addition to precise distances and club tracking, it features high-quality yardage-book imagery, aerial flyovers, pro-level scoring and stat tracking for more than 30,000 golf courses worldwide.

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