AUR Golf Shirt Technology Beats the Heat in High Style

From the Arizona Golf Authority Golf News Desk

Kona-Kailua, HI and Scottsdale, AZ – Heat comes in many forms at golf courses around the country and two golf shirts from the AUR AWARE line handled the most extreme playing tests we could find in high style.

The Big Island of Hawaii and Scottsdale, Arizona are two world class golf destinations, certainly. But they also anchor opposite ends of the golf climate yardstick: 80-degrees and high humidity vs. 110-degrees and no moisture at all.

The AUR AWARE line polos we tested performed in both conditions as if we hadn’t left the climate controlled 19th hole at all. Turns out, the performance is all a product of the unique eco-friendly fabrics AUR is using for these shirts: EcoSmart™ fabric and S.Cafe™ fabric.

The AUR EcoSmart™ fabric is made from recycled polyester yarn manufactured from plastic consumer products like water bottles.

That’s right, the plastic is cleaned and crushed, melted and spun into Recycled Polyester Yarn. The yarn is woven into bolts of fabric from which the fashionable AUR EcoSmart™ apparel is crafted.

During play in both climates, the AUR EcoSmart™ shirt refused to become damp. Now the bar’s not too high in Scottsdale when it comes to transferring moisture into the atmosphere with a relative humidity of only 7%.

But at sea level, on the 17th at Hualalai when its 86%? That’s a test. And the shirt remains as bone dry as when it came off the hangar? Remarkable.

The second AUR Aware shirt we tested, our favorite, is crafted from a unique fabric named S.Cafe™. Just as the moniker implies, this fabric is the result of a patented process which transforms spent coffee grounds into a composite-fiber yarn, which is then knitted and woven into bolts of fabric.

Let’s circle back just to be sure: “transforms spent coffee grounds into yarn.” Yes, that’s correct.

Four years of lab work revealed that the traditional roasting of coffee beans, the procedure which releases the fascinating phenols, esters and oils responsible for brewed coffee’s endless allure, actually expands the green coffee bean.

And once the hot water brewing has washed away those components we crave, the expanded bean structure is available for tasks other than taking up space in landfills – a lot of space.

In 2008, the International Coffee Organization reported green coffee bean production world-wide at 7.6 million tons. Let’s be generous and assume grinding reduces the volume of coffee beans by one-half. Simple arithmetic shows the total volume of those spent coffee grounds would fill 795 million 1-gallon milk jugs. We have trouble fitting two of them in the refrigerator at the same time.

We found the AUR AWARE S.Cafe™ shirt to be the most comfortable and stylish “performance fabric” polo of them all, from the boardroom in the morning, to the 19th hole that afternoon.

The S.Cafe™ fabric allows blending with other fibers during manufacture and ours was matched with 55% combed cotton. The style, drape and most importantly the feel is capital-E, Elegant.

And both shirts provide all the easy care, UV guard, and anti-odor properties you expect from these eco-friendly fabrics.

No matter what part of the country you play golf in, or what type of heat you experience there, you’ll get great performance and high style at a comfortable price point from these AUR AWARE golf shirts.

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