Boccieri Golf Let’s You Get Fit… In More Ways Than One

From the Golf News Desk at the Arizona Golf Authority

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona – Stephen and Sandra Boccieri are disciples of properly fit golf clubs; they know it improves your game. They also know it is really important to be physically fit to play the game long into the sunset years.


That’s why they have teamed with Golf Channel Personality and celebrity yogi Katherine Roberts to host her 90-minute “Yoga for Golfers” workshop at their Scottsdale Research and Performance Center. The class begins at 9:30am on Saturday, November 17 at its headquarters, 15816 North Greenway-Hayden Loop.

A regular contributor to The Golf Channel, Roberts has starred in seven DVDs and authored two books on golf-specific yoga and fitness – “Yoga for Golfers” and “Swing Flaws and Fitness Solutions” – the latter of which was written with renowned instructor Hank Haney.

Space for this exclusive event is limited and costs $50 per person. All attendees will receive a copy of Roberts’ acclaimed “Yoga for Golfers” DVD and Boccieri Golf’s latest product, the Secret Grip. The session will explore:

Trends in golf fitness

Yoga exercises which enhance the golf swing

Breathing awareness, relaxation and visualization

“Our facility was designed to be the ultimate golf learning environment and now we’re supplementing first-class fitting and instruction with top-line fitness and mental education and training,” says Stephen Boccieri, President and CEO of Boccieri Golf. “We’re strong believers in working outside the box to create better players, and Katherine’s golf-specific yoga provides students of all abilities with a major on-course advantage.”

Roberts’ unique training approach is a hybrid of western bio-mechanical research and eastern mind/body conditioning to optimize the golf swing. Specific benefits include an increased range of motion that translates to greater distance, accuracy and strength on the course. Beyond her work in the golf world, Roberts is the yoga fitness expert for the LA Dodgers and San Diego Padres.

For more information, visit http://boccierigolf.com/rpc/scottsdale-az/events/


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