COOL CLUBS – Scottsdale AZ – Amateur Golf is Good; Visiting the Expert Club Fitters at Cool Clubs Makes it Even Better

Cool Clubs Scottsdale, Arizona

From the Excellent Arizona Golf Adventures at the Arizona Golf Authority

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona — We can’t play golf every day, so what’s the best way to get better on your day off?

A visit to Cool Clubs will give you the opportunity to play more enjoyable golf, immediately. Right now. The next time you tee it up – Now.

We just watched it happen again, yesterday, although CEO Mark Timms and his professional staff have been working this magic in Scottsdale since 2000.

After two days of recreational play to get loose, we delivered an avid 16-handicap sibling from Chicago to the Scottsdale studio and the compassionate care of Justin Nelson, National Director of Club Fitting for Cool Clubs.

In under an hour, Mr. Nelson had our player hitting tee balls farther, in a tighter pattern, with less spin at launch and more roll-out in the fairway. Same player, same swing, but when armed with a proper tool for his move: Better golf shot!

After only 20 minutes in the fitting studio, Mr. Nelson had assessed our player’s current equipment, swing characteristics and tee ball flight. He selected three drivers from Cool Club’s enormous inventory and put our man to work striking drives with each club.

Twenty minutes later, the results of those shots produced a clear clubhead winner.

Working with that clubhead, Mr. Nelson spent the next 15 minutes analyzing our player with three different shafts to find the optimal configuration for his golf swing. Once again, the shots produced a clear winner.

And in less than one hour, Mr. Nelson tallied the results and presented our player with three options: good, better and best. The Best: PING G25 clubhead with a stock, stiff shaft.

The other clubheads analyzed included the Callaway X-Hot, Taylor Made RBZ and Nike VRS-9 with various shaft combinations, but overall, the G25 performed best for our player.

“It’s really quite simple,” shared Mr. Timms, “There’s an awful lot going on in a full-shot golf swing. To diagnose all that and ask an amateur, who doesn’t play every day, to commit the time necessary to fix their move is asking a lot.

“It’s much more efficient to precisely match a clubhead and shaft to their unique swing and produce a better golf shot. It’s a whole lot quicker, too.”

Cool Clubs has over 25,000 current club and shaft combinations available in their high-tech studio so there’s no chance the unique swing you show them will require something they don’t have in their toolbox.

Cool Clubs - Scottsdale - Custom Putters“Putting is a little bit different,” TImms noted. “Because it’s such a short, low-impact stroke, we can make a small adjustment to a players’ technique that, together with a properly fit putter, results in more holed putts right away.”

Cool Clubs’ putter fitting studio analyzes each putting stroke with 8 separate high-speed video cameras, so there’s no guesswork involved here, either. And everybody knows, professionals and amateurs alike, the quickest way to lower scores is holing more putts.

Lee Trevino said it years ago, addressing his amateur playing partners, and it’s as true today as it’s ever been: “I have the skill to take any bag of clubs and manipulate the clubface to produce the ball flight I want; you don’t. It’s more important that your clubs fit you, than mine fit me.”

On your next day off, schedule a visit to Cool Clubs and get fitted. You’ll play better, more enjoyable golf, right away, which is what an Excellent Arizona Golf Adventure is all about.

Visit http://coolclubs.com or telephone 888-284-9292. Cool Clubs studios are also located in Dallas-Ft. Worth TX, Irvine CA, San Francisco CA, Stamford CT, and Tokyo, Japan.

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