Elephant Rocks Golf Course

ADDRESS: 2200 Golf Course Drive
Williams, AZ 86046
TYPE: Public
PHONE: 928-635-4935
WEBSITE: www.elephant-rocks.com

The Buzz: Like monuments to time, the elephant-shaped rocks that guard the entrance to Elephant Rocks Golf Club in Williams were brought in long ago by the railroad people that roamed the tracks along this northern Arizona forest. Others will suggest that ancient tribesman were the messengers, or perhaps aliens, but it was those early engineers and conductors that hauled in the massive chunks of lava that look like unpretentious pachyderms.

Actually, there’s a lot more to like about Elephant Rocks than the entryway thanks to architect Gary Panks, who added nine holes of seamless, high-country golf in 1990 to the first nine holes built by the railroaders some 70 years earlier. Originally called Williams Country Club, the course’s name was changed to reflect those elephant-like rocks when Panks did the redo. And the truth is, it turned out splendidly, with at least four holes – Nos. 1, 2, 17 and 18 that could all garner signature status. The 18th is especially memorable, and not just because the course ends on a par 3. No it’s more about the tee shot at the closer, which drops about 80 feet from tee to the green below. Every round of golf should end so spectacularly.

Elephant Rocks is Arizona golf history, especially for those who experience the old clubhouse with the rustic fireplace and colorful boulders brought in from places like old railroad bastions like Bumble Bee, Granite Dells, Cathedral Rock and the Petrified Forest. It’s also a great place to enjoy a cold beverage following a satisfying round of mountain golf. If that’s the case, why not opt for the namesake Elephant Beer?

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