World’s Best Golf Sock by KENTWOOL

In 1843, about the time Allan Robertson defeated Willie Dunn in the 20-round “Great Match” at St. Andrews (2 rounds/day for 10 days), Englishman Thomas Kent was busy, on this side of the Atlantic, establishing the wool-textile company KENTWOOL in Philadelphia.

Allan, the third-generation of the “feathery” ball-making Robertson family, secured the family’s place in golf history when he posted the first-ever sub-80 round at St. Andrews 15 years later, in 1858. Now, a new veteran player looks to make their mark in the game.

In 2010, after 167-years of family stewardship, the Kent family’s fifth-generation CEO (Mark) has led KENTWOOL into the golf business. “We love golf, and as the world’s leading textile innovator, we decided KENTWOOL should develop the premier golf sock for the avid player,” commented Golf Development Director Gil Patrick.

KENTWOOL calls their product the “World’s Best Golf Sock”. Crafted with “WINDspun” air-infused technology and proprietary blends of fine merino wool and high-tech fibers, KENTWOOL has created a new micro-climate system for moisture management and reduced abrasion and muscle fatigue. The socks feature enhanced cushioning at strategic micro-stress points along the foot to maximize comfort, increase energy levels and reduce the risk of injury.

"World's Best Golf Sock" by KentWool

All this – for a golf sock? “You bet,” says CEO Mark Kent. “Understand our company is family-owned, family-operated and founded upon 2 core principles; quality and our people. We manufacture products to be ‘best in class’, not to be faster and cheaper, and we choose to do it right here in the U.S. at our Pickens, South Carolina plant.”

KENTWOOL’s dedication to quality has hit its mark. Tour stars like Bubba Watson, Kristy McPherson, Jonathan Byrd and Peter Jacobson are all converts, as are Brendon de Jonge, Jane Park, Tom Gillis and Charles Barkley. But it’s not only professionals who love KENTWOOL. “I’m encouraged and excited by the passionate responses and glowing testimonials that our KENTOOL Tour golf socks are receiving from folks all across the world,” said CEO Mark. “Most humbling have been some of the letters and online testimonials received, in many cases from non-golfers, who are astonished by the therapeutic benefits they have experienced while wearing the socks.” This group of fans includes hospital doctors, critical care RN’s and mountain bikers.

KENTWOOL socks are available for men and women in a variety of styles, including the Tour Standard, Tour Profile, Low Profile, and Low Profile ‘Skinny’. Color options include black, navy, khaki, charcoal and natural. Ladies, who prefer a little more pizzazz, may choose lime green, pink, light blue or purple.

We’ve played several rounds in the Tour Standard, Tour Profile and the Tour Profile Skinny and are pleased to report that KENTWOOL’s tagline the “World’s Best Golf Sock” is no exaggeration. Or, as Bubba Watson posted, “Either I’m wearing KENTWOOL socks, or I’m not wearing socks at all. Rock the Socks!”

For more information and to order KENTWOOL Tour Golf Socks, visit www.kentwool.com/shop

2 Comments for “World’s Best Golf Sock by KENTWOOL”

  1. I own a couple pairs of KENTWOOL socks and must say, they are really, really comfortable. Recently spent the whole day walking a golf course and my feet were as comfy as could be. You pay a little more for the quality, but they are worth every penny.

  2. I love reading about “smaller” companies doing well in the golf industry and more power to Kentwool for their highly principled manner of doing business. And how wonderful to hear that they make their product in the US. When I saw “merino” wool in the article, my first reaction was that the wool may have come from Australia, my homeland, but alas, I could not determine that from Kentwool’s web site.

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