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Mesquite Amateur Tournament Adds Gross Score Division for 2011 Event

The Mesquite Amateur, May 30th through June 3rd, played on the spectacular golf courses in and around Mesquite, Nevada, now offers a medal play Gross Score Division for tournament participants that wish to compete on a scratch basis.

“We have a group of players who, over the years, have asked to compete on these great golf courses on a pure 3-round gross score basis, so we added a division just for them” shared Christian Adderson, Sporting Events Manger for the CasaBlanca-Oasis Resort.

“The avid scratch-golf crowd finds the Mesquite Amateur courses to be a proper test of their game and we want them to feel comfortable playing in our event, just as our USGA handicap players do.”

Contested over 3-days of play on 3 different Mesquite Amateur Tournament Courses, participants register to compete in one of six flighted divisions: men’s, women’s, seniors, super-seniors, etc. Each player’s aggregate score over 3-days of play is totaled, and the top 4 finishers in each division play a 4th Championship round the next day to determine the divisional champions.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, winner-wise; players posting the top 10 scores in each flight are winners too, and can conveniently spend their winnings in the Champions Room, sponsored by Callaway Golf, where all their latest and greatest gear is on display and available to the tournament participants.

2010 Mesquite Am Champion - Chad Young

2011 marks the 9th year this amateur event, played with an assist from your USGA handicap, is being hosted in Mesquite, a stress-free 1-hour drive up Interstate 15, just north of Las Vegas. Players from 40 different U.S. states are already registered for the tournament, including 35 players from Arizona.

The nationwide appeal of the event is due in large part to the high-quality golf and high-value reputation the event has earned over the years, as well as the ease of traveling to Mesquite. Sponsors, including Golf Mesquite Nevada and the Mesquite Resort Association, make sure you have a great time when you arrive as well.

This event, limited to the first 800 players to register, is highly popular with avid-amateur players of all abilities. The players rave about the immaculate golf courses Messer’s Palmer, Foster, Olson and Nicklaus built on the dramatic landscape in this locale; pristine fairways draped upon nature’s high desert terrain – “stunning” is the most popular description.

Tournament evenings are dedicated to grand dining and entertainment events hosted in the CasaBlanca Events Center. Following play each day, the entire field comes together to enjoy the unique camaraderie amateur golfers share with each other over dinner and drinks – a bit like the PGA Tour was back in the 1960’s when those guys actually spoke to each other away from the golf course.

This year’s first three evening events are themed for the Masters, U.S. Open and British Open golf tournaments. The final night’s Championship Dinner features the tournament wrap-up, special awards and of course, the championship trophy presentations.

"Cigars Under the Stars" Event at the Mesquite Am

Take a look at the  Tournament Hotels for the details on the Mesquite Amateur accommodation offerings; tournament participants are offered very competitive rates during the event. The CasaBlanca Resort & Casino hosts each evening’s banquet gathering, a Spa Breakfast, a Cigars Under the Stars Night and several other group activities. The Eureka Hotel & Casino is hosting a Texas Hold’ Em Championship on Wednesday, and if bowling is how you groove your golf swing, then the lanes at the Virgin River Hotel & Casino are for you.

Rich Cottle, one of Altadis USA’s 200 designated Cigar VIP’s, is based in Phoenix, AZ. and furnishes the cigars for the now 4-year old Cigars Under the Stars event held at the CasaBlanca pool.

“We had a gathering of 45 the first year”, Rich shared, “and the sign-up sheet for this year’s event suggests we’ll be hosting a gathering approaching 100.” He suspects that Altadis may provide him with their highly regarded H. Upmann product this year, but cautions, “Until I actually open the crate, I can’t know for sure what premium surprise they’ve tucked in there for the Mesquite event this year.”

If you enjoy thrilling golf courses, well organized and professionally managed events, and the company of avid-amateur golfers just like you, we guarantee you’ll find the Mesquite Amateur’s golf, gaming and warm hospitality to be one of your very favorite “Excellent Adventures”.

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out for the Cigars Under the Stars! We’re looking forward to another great night poolside with fine Altadis USA distributed cigars and some fine adult beverages.

  2. Altadis USA always sends their best cigars to this event, so don’t miss it. Sign up in advance with Christian to verify your age (most of you lads haven’t been “carded” in 30 years) on the Mesquite Am site at http://mesquiteamateurblog.com/blog/?p=111
    While you’re on with Christian, sign up for the Texas Hold Em event as well…

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