Mesquite Am’s The Best Amateur Tourney of the Year – “Thank You, Very Much”

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Jeff Miller and Tournament Director, Christian Adderson

Mesquite, NV – The most enjoyable amateur golf tournament of the year crowned its winners today following the final round of the 9th Annual Mesquite Amateur Golf Tournament played at the CasaBlanca Golf Club.

Art Hickman, of Long Pond, CA carded 75 to win the gross division, Dr. Jeff Miller, a podiatrist from St. Louis, MO won the net division with a 79, and Dana Boyette, Nashville, TN shot 86 and claimed the women’s division. Each champion golfer received a perpetual Joshua Tree trophy, $650.00 worth of Callaway equipment and other bounty.

Interesting news, no doubt, but for the AZGA Golf Staff, here’s the important story: The Mesquite Amateur is the best run Amateur Golf Tournament in the USA.

The Mesquite Am draws over 550 amateur players, from 40 U.S. states (33 from Arizona this year) and 13 foreign countries, for 4 days of golf using 6 golf courses, and at every step along the way two things always happen: each event begins on-time and someone says “Thank you, very much, for attending the Mesquite Am.”

How refreshing.

The Uphill Par-4 18th at CasaBlanca Golf Club

This field of tournament players is quite “amateur” remember, the average age is 56 years, the average handicaps for 16 separate flights range from 12.1 to well over 19; winner Dr. Jeff is a 20.

The AZGA Arizona Golf staff groups included players from Colorado, Illinois and Washington. These tournament players are spending their discretionary dollars, and we find they gather here more for fun and enjoyable golf, with like minded compatriots, than the term “Tournament” may imply.

Christian Adderson, Tournament Director, and Sporting Events Manager for the CasaBlanca – Oasis Resort shared, “Our Mesquite Am is a modest entry fee – high value event for our tournament participants, featuring all the best elements Mesquite’s great golf has to offer. They spread the word about us at home, and consequently, our Mesquite Am field size increases each year.”

And here’s a sure bet, courtesy of the AZGA Arizona Golf Authority: Mesquite’s golf courses are a great play outside tournament week as well.

Palmer Course - Oasis Golf Club - No. 5 540-yard Par-5

The collection of Tournament Courses is spectacular and the Tournament Hotels offer your choice of accommodation.

Upon arrival at the golf course each morning, the AZGA Arizona Golf Staff found check-in, carting of clubs, the shotgun parade to the tees and balls in the air at 7:30 a.m. was absolutely seamless and right on time.

And every day, at each golf course, at least one staff member or volunteer said “Thank you, very much, for attending the Mesquite Am” somewhere during the proceeding.

Each evening, the entire field gathers together for dinner, on-stage entertainment and a big screen video presentation of the day’s events filmed at the courses – just hope they videoed one of your good shots today. And at the appointed dinner hour, an enormous service staff monitored multiple food stations to make sure the tidal wave of hungry participants descending on the affair, all at the same time, were served immediately.

And without fail, each evening during this enormous dinner service event, either from behind the food service area or from the staff serving the ocean of 10-top tables, a personal “Thank you, very much, for attending the Mesquite Am” pierced the din of the collective roar.

The Par-5 6th at Conestoga Golf Club

On time events and “Thank you, very much” held true at the ancillary events as well: A practice round at Conestoga Golf Club, the Texas Hold ‘Em Poker Event, CasaBlanca and Rich Cotttle’s Altair Cigars Under the Stars, Callaway Golf’s Champions Room and the Equipment Demo Day at CasaBlanca Golf Club.

The Mesquite Am Sponsors and their respective staff members work year-round on this event and it shows. Golf Mesquite Nevada, the Mesquite Resort Association and the City of Mesquite have the local residents turn out in force as an army of red-shirted Volunteers to make certain every venue, from tournament registration to on-course competition runs smoothly, on time and without delay.

The commitment of the volunteer forces may well be a product of their own passion for golf. You see, the population of Mesquite, NV totals roughly 15,000, and with seven championship golf courses in town, has a ratio of golf holes per citizen that is astronomical compared to other US cities, Phoenix and Scottsdale included.

Mesquite is an easy golf trip from Arizona, just 77 miles northeast of Las Vegas on I-15. Visit with the staff at golfmesquitenevada.com and organize a playing trip; they have an arsenal of 9 championship golf courses and 4 distinct resort hotels to help you customize your visit. Then visit The Mesquite Am to register for the 2012 event scheduled for May 28 through June 1, 2012.

You’ll experience great golf, a friendly field, on time expert event management and a personal “Thank You” to boot; see you there.

Visit the Arizona Golf Authority and and read the “Insider’s Review” for every Arizona golf course at their AZGA Arizona Golf Course Directory; it’s the “Insider’s Story” for everything about golf in the State of Arizona.

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  1. I’ve been to the Mesquite AM several times and it is always a great time. The courses are terrific and the people so very nice. It’s a great escape from the big city.

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