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GLENDALE, Arizona – Tony Adolf says he’s been playing golf “for about two years,” and that his regular playing partner, Mark Swearingen, “has been playing forever, even on the golf team in college.”

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Par-3 13th Hole at Bellair Golf Club

They both reached the summit of the game Thursday, June 28th at Bellair Golf Club when Tony aced the 12th hole and Mark then aced the 13th right behind him.

“It was bedlam,” Tony shared, “and lucky for us, the beverage cart was right in the middle of it all. I had five witnesses for mine, and Mark had six for his!”

Playing as a low-season ‘summertime sixsome’ from the white tees, Tony and Mark were joined by regular companions Victor Columbi, Dean Alley, Allen Van Loof and Tim McGuire.

At the 178-yard 12th “I was the last to tee off and I hit 5-wood, just as the beverage cart pulled up,” Tony shared. “The ball didn’t get more than 20-feet off the ground but it rolled, and rolled and I watched it disappear in the cup.”

Mark saw it go in as well and was the first of the group to high-five Tony on the tee.

“I got my clubs as a gift when I retired from the military a couple years ago,” Tony said, “and these are the guys that made me come out and take up the game. Mark told me that in over 40 years of playing, including all his college golf, he’d never had a hole-in-one.”

That was about to change.

The sixsome and the beverage cart moved to the 130-yard 13th tee where Mark stepped up and holed his tee shot.

“Unlike my ugly shot,” Tony shared, “this was the most beautiful 9-iron you’ve ever seen. It pitched a foot in front of the cup and hopped right in the hole.”

The two “acers” made good on their customary libation obligation and set the Bellair clubhouse and Iron Works Restaurant abuzz with the news of their round. And the consensus “needle” from the close-knit sixsome was this, “That’s Mark, he just wouldn’t let Tony have his day.”

The big news also reminded everyone of an interesting fact regarding Bellair Golf Club teaching Pro Dennis O’Brien. Aces? Dennis has 14!

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  1. I guess the key is to have the beverage cart follow you around the course. Congrats on the Ace’s!

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