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Arizona Golf Courses – Sedona Golf Resort
Located in the surreal red rocks that surround Sedona, a visitor suddenly realizes the major obstacle of teeing it up at the golf resort of the same name. Yes, the chief challenge in the “Land of Awe’’ is simply keeping focused on the game at hand as panoramic vistas, majestic mountain backdrops…

Arizona Golf Courses – Sedona Golf Resort

Located in the surreal red rocks that surround Sedona, a new player may suddenly realize the primary challenge of teeing it up at the golf resort of the same name is Mother nature. Yes, the toughest test in the “Land of Awe’’ is simply staying focused on the golf shot at hand as panoramic vistas, majestic mountain backdrops, and contrasting tones of red and green present boundless distractions.


And the golf’s pretty good, too. What’s weird about Sedona Golf Resort is that despite the 18 awesome holes designed by Gary Panks (well, 17, if you don’t count the 18th), this pristine property has gone bust – twice. That’s right, Sedona Golf Resort filed for BK in 1989, made a righteous comeback for 20 years and counting, and then fell back into bankruptcy in 2010.

Considering the course’s entertaining variety and spectacular views, not to mention some beautiful bent-grass greens, it makes an avid golfer shake his or her head.

Certainly the 210-yard 10th hole will blow your golf socks off, as the par 3 stretches out before your eyes with regal Cathedral Rock rising up in the background. It’s the single best view of Sedona’s red-rock splendor and those unfortunate souls who don’t play golf never see it.

In fact there are numerous red-rock formations of note in almost every direction, all day long. And the 10th is not the only stellar par 3 on the course, as the 17th, a 155-yard mid-iron over water to a semi-island green, is also worthy of signature status.

And the same can be said of Nos. 4, 6, 11, 13, 15 and 16. But NOT 18, which is a downhill par 4, with water on the left, that simply runs out of room. And, by the way, if you slice the ball at the 18th, expect to pay for one of those ubiquitous condo windows that frame the right side, at least that’s what it says on the irritating sign posted on the tee box.

It’s all just a modest reminder that really good stuff in life is not all good, all the time. Sedona Golf Resort is so good, though, it warrants consideration as a one-day turnaround day trip from the Phoenix-Scottsdale metro area. Better yet, wine and dine around town, spend the night and make a loop or two the next day as well, it’s that good.

The Arizona Golf Authority AZGA “Local Hang” for Sedona Golf Resort is no drive at all; the onsite bar and restaurant has perhaps the best view of well-known Bell Rock, with a picture window that literally frames it like a masterpiece. In other words, the perfect spot to enjoy a Oak Creek Amber that just happens to be brewed right down the road.

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